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International Symposium on the Policy Recommendations for Entry Requirements and Learning Outcomes in IS
The main responsibility for the coordination of this multiplier event is on University of Pisa
Event Description
As planned, the EINFOSE project seeks to find out the appropriate ways and modes of the harmonization and recognition of the entry requirements based upon accepted basic learning outcomes at the graduate level of IS programs. We intend to offer Policy Recommendation accepted by partners to Euclid, Eblida and other EU authorities during the International symposium in Pisa (September 2018) with a main goal for this multiplier event to provoke discussion and reach the commonly accepted recommendations that could serve not only to partner HEIs but also as a model for other academic disciplines. We intend to invite partner HEIS, their governing bodies, public authorities responsible for the implementation of EU guidelines and recommendations at the HEI level as well as representatives from national agencies for diploma recognition, ECTS implementation and QFs. The document will be prepared as a draft version to be discussed at the Workshop in Ljubljana(A1). The Symposium will be organized as follows: after the introduction from EINFOSE representatives (about the projects goals and achievements), we will invite papers from invited patrons to share their experience and accomplishments in recognition and mobility processes, building up the European Qualification Framework and its nationally based implementations, implementation of new teaching/learning didactics and evaluation approaches and methods. The second days' afternoon will be devoted to the presentation of Policy Recommendation document (accessible in advance to all participants – A2)) and discussion followed by the acceptance of conclusions. The Policy Recommendations and the Symposium's Conclusions will serve as a base for the final version of the document (A3) that we intend to publish and widely distribute.
We expect between 120-200 participants. The funding money for this event will be used to cover travel and accommodation costs for two representatives from each partner institution, one student from partner HEI and regular organization costs such as refreshments and costs for premises, marketing materials, poster panels etc. Invited speakers from partners HEIs and patrons included in previous stages of the projects (such as active participation in workshops will be released from paying conference fee and travel/accommodation costs (16 persons). Local organizing committee will use the funding money to support food for student volunteers. Other participants will pay conference fee of 50 Euros and will be responsible for their travel and accommodation costs.
Pisa, Italy
Start Date
10-09-2018 (dd-mm-yyyy)
End Date

Agencija zs mobilnosti i programe EU
Filozofski fakultet Osijek


  • Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, Jägerova 9, 31000 Osijek

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