Project: 2016-1-HR01-KA203-022180

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EINFOSE Platform
The main responsibility for the coordination of this intellectual output is on University of Osijek
Output Description
We intend to modify an open source-learning platform (Moodle) for collaborative learning and teaching through the internet by the use of resource sharing, online conferencing, blogs, forums etc. on desktops or handheld devices. The platform will provide various tools for blended teaching and to promote teamwork between teachers, MA students and students to be, on thematic instruction and authentic assessment beyond the barriers of classroom to benefit the learning needs of students as well as teachers in connection to certain specific content and methods. The basic approach to the design modifications of such a platform is based on the idea of an integration oriented design approach emphasizing development of complex products and stimulating their systematic reuse intended to reduce development risks, costs and time of its users.
Effective use of educational technology is vital to solving many of current educational challenges. While effective learning should be the driving force behind technology integration, it is important to keep up with technology advances in order to recognize potential solutions. Tools are abundant, but we seek to recognize how to leverage their capabilities in order to improve the learning experience. At our platform we will create a space for indispensable learning technologies (A1) such as: mobile learning and Short Message Service (SMS) for learning purposes  (using podcasts and open source software), microblogging, and social networking  (plus related websites and gaming in education processes), blogs (A2) as well as design an appropriate LMS (Learning Management System) (A3) which will allow the use of distributive learning, evaluation of all students' activities (assignments, comments on posts on social forums, etc.) with the possibility of offering to them comments and suggestions from teachers. The platform will allow the use of innovative applied methodology with a goal to assure different types of interaction: Learner >< Learner (where we will  use the points system creatively to encourage learners to interact with each other and create a unique hashtag on social media for ones learning experience), Learner >< Expert (allow learners to follow/interact with domain experts via social media), Learner >< Content (make e-content engaging with mobile devices and offering students produced videos),  Learner >< Context (encourage learners to engage with their environment by taking pictures of "evidence" and post them to Platform for other learners), and Teacher >< Teacher/Expert (encouraging teachers to share their knowledge and experience and learn from experts for certain content.
The Platform should host OERs with all their content (A4). An anonymous learner feedback system will be installed throughout the lifecycle of the EINFOSE Platform to gain qualitative information (A5). The modifications will be made (A6) following all evaluation activities and the final version of the EINFOSE Platform will be available in September 2018 (A7). The Platform will also allow the communication of the alumni. (A8)
The basic methodology for this OI will be implementation and (software) redesign of an appropriate LMS (Learning Management Systems) to allow the Platform to accommodate all planned features.
Start Date
01-10-2016 (dd-mm-yyyy)
End Date
PowerPoint presentation

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