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Multiplier Events

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Workshop on the funcionality of the EINFOSE Platform and OERs
The main responsibility for the coordination of this multiplier event is on University of Osijek
Event Description
Since we intend to prepare an open source learning/teaching platform (Moodle) for collaborative learning and teaching by modifying existing Moodle to facilitate the use of various tools for blended teaching and promoting the teamwork between teachers, MA students and students to be, it is very important to discuss the basic approach to the design modifications of such a platform, the development of complex products and the stimulation of their systematic reuse. Special attention will be paid to the implementation of OERs, the way their fit in with platform goals and the way of their adaptability issues with regard to special users' needs (such as disabled or immigrant students). The discussion is needed not only between partners and students but also with university and public authorities with a main goal to collect their opinions, suggestions for modifications and improvements. We also plan to invite representatives from ICT companies that are offering jobs to our students to discuss with them the ways in which we can improve learning process by including appropriate amount of time for students field work, problem solving projects in teams as part of their education from one side and needs of ICT companies from the other side, etc. Effective use of educational technology is vital to solving many of current educational challenges. While effective learning should be the driving force behind technology integration, it is important to keep up with technology advances in order to recognize potential solutions and to improve the EINFOSE platform.
We intend to include not more than 20 participants: eight representatives from partner HEIs, 4-8 students and 4-8 interested stakeholders.
Osijek, Croatia
Start Date
21-04-2017 (dd-mm-yyyy)
End Date
Multiplier event final programme (revised)

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