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Workshop on policy recommendations
The main responsibility for the coordination of this multiplier event is on U of Ljubljana
Event Description
Since EINFOSE project seeks to find out the appropriate ways and modes of the harmonization and recognition of the basic entry requirements and learning outcomes that will be accepted by partners and translated into Policy Recommendation for Euclid, AHEA and other EU bodies, we intend to organize a Workshop for patrons that could help in the process of support and  promotion of the Policy Recommendations. We intend to present the draft on Policy Recommendations which main goal is to reach consistent level of recognition and implementation of entry requirements based upon agreed learning outcomes not only for the IS programs at graduate level but to serve also as a model for other academic disciplines.
After the evaluation of the IO 1 and IO 2 as a basic material for the discussion with teachers and students at partners' universities as well as with other relevant patrons, the draft of the document (A1) containing the recommendations will be presented for the discussion during the Workshop. Modifications will be made after the Workshop (A2) to serve as a proposal for the International symposium. We expect that Workshop discussion and conclusions will include all relevant suggestions for improvement of the proposal prepared by U of Ljubljana and U of Boras teams (A3). The main group of patrons will include representatives from EUCLID, Eblida, ASIST/EC and other professional and scientific bodies involved in the matters of the IS field as well as to EU public authorities and respected bodies that work on QF and Recognition of Qualifications.
We plan to host 20 participants - eight representatives from partner institutions, 4-8 students, 4-8 representatives from public authorities, and other interested parties.
Graz, Austria
Start Date
12-04-2018 (dd-mm-yyyy)
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