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Evaluation Framework
The main responsibility for the coordination of this intellectual output is on U of Barcelona
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The partners agreed that the evaluation of the EINFOSE Platform and OERs is very important and has to be carried out in a way to produce recommendations to all partners as well as to offer them to other EU and non-EU counties involved in European projects on strategic partnership on how to evaluate the learning platforms, OERs and other used teaching/learning tools and methods. Taking into account the features of the project, where several universities with different backgrounds are involved, the adaptability of the platform must be highlighted as an evaluation indicator, especially in regard to facilities that will enable us to customize the platform according to the institutional needs, especially the language and needs of students with special needs.
The evaluation framework will have four basic elements:
1. the criteria for the verification of the project's goals accomplishments connected with EINFOSE Platform and OERs (A1) comprising of the evaluation criteria for the teaching materials available through the platform: accuracy of contents, appropriateness to the students, systematic presentation, etc.;
2. the methodology for the measurement of the participants expectations, achievements and experience in using EINFOSE Platform and OERs (A2) – for this purpose we intend to discuss evaluation framework in regard to items such as usability, navigational design, interface, etc.;
3. the methodology for the documentation analysis and production of the recommendation that will meet the expectations of all partners involved (A3)
4. the methodology to evaluate efficiency and perceived aesthetics of the EINFOSE Platform and OERs (A4) as well as quality of graphics and videos, seamlessness of video transmission, readiness of texts, clear navigation, etc. including the criteria relevant to students with disabilities.
Combination of quantitative and qualitative methods will be used (qualitative methods including focus group discussions, observation, interviews, eye-tracking, reaction cards, oral history etc.).
Such an evaluation framework will be prepared during the first year of the project. After the discussion it will be continuously improved with a goal to enable a systematic application of the tests by students at different partners' institutions and preparation of the interim and final evaluation reports.
The evaluation framework will respect the data protection regulations in all evaluation processes involving human beings.
The main responsibility for this intellectual outcome is on U of Barcelona (collecting and analysing the data; proposing the draft of the framework for the discussion; modifying the draft and preparing the final version). Other partners will closely cooperate through delegate system (at least one student and one faculty) to actively take part in the Workshop related to this intellectual outcome.
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01-02-2017 (dd-mm-yyyy)
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