Project: 2016-1-HR01-KA203-022180

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Didactic Framework
The main responsibility for the coordination of this intellectual output is on Hacettepe University
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A number of different didactic approaches have been in use for teaching and training and selecting the appropriate methods (e.g. lectures and presentations; interactive tutorials; webinars; reflective diaries; cognitive maps; mental model elicitation, reaction cards, case studies; story telling; guides to sources; demonstrations; hands-on practice; flipped classroom, individual advice).
E-learning and teaching, including the delivery of the learning materials, are taken into consideration for the purpose of this project.
Our aim is to manage the implementation and provision of a variety of approaches, to suit different learning styles. Thus, considerable amount of thought and discussions will be given to the didactic principles while preparing the OERs and making them available for use. The first draft of the didactic framework will be prepared for the 'brain storming' session during the first summer school (A1). The final version of the didactic framework will be
prepared for the second summer school (A2).
Methodology will rely upon critical evaluation of known approaches. U of Hacettepe will be responsible for the organisation and coordination of these activities. All other partner will take active part in discussion and sharing the data.
Start Date
01-11-2016 (dd-mm-yyyy)
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